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Primary Service

Call Origination and Termination

A call can originate from an internet phone (i.e. soft IP-phone or hard IP-phone) or from a normal phone (cell or landline). Click here to view Dukatech's VoIP Architecture.

Online callers connect directly to Dukatech's system, while those who place calls from normal phones, their calls are routed over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), through PSTN-VoIP gateway, to the Dukatech's system. Then, the call is forwarded to the final destination, either directly or through a local VoIP-PSTN gateway.

Dukatech Gateway Access Numbers:-
Calgary(403) 536-0767
Oshawa(905) 432-8358
Ottawa(613) 686-1806
Toronto(647) 723-6105

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